Yoga for Everyone

Not everyone is a pretzel…

Photo by Peyton Carroll Photography

Including me! Can’t touch your toes or sit cross-legged comfortably? That’s okay. I teach yoga and mobility work that serves your body as it is today. Everybody and every body is unique and how you move today is different from how you’ll move tomorrow. Mat time is your time. To make shapes that serve you. To feel better in your body. This is how we practice self-love. This is how we nourish and honor ourselves. This is how I teach and what I practice. Through conscious movement and breathing we heal, have more energy, are less stressed and are kinder. To ourselves and one another.  Side effects may include: 

  • Improved focus and circulation
  • Flexibility
  • Cardiovascular conditioning
  • Weight management
  • Better health
  • Restful sleep
  • Ability to breathe
  • JOY
  • Inner peace
  • LOVE

I teach with a compassionate heart, clear instruction and quirky sense of humor. The goal is to always have fun and approach yoga (and life) as a practice, not a “perfect”.

I empower you with transformative tools to de-stress, keep moving, feel better and live as your best self.

Your yoga mat is a judgment-free zone and blissful place to seek a clearer mind, stronger body and peaceful spirit. Give yourself permission to put your self-care at the top of your To-Do list, to stop pushing so hard. You are already enough. You already do enough. Putting your own oxygen mask on first gives you the resources to care for the ones you love. It’s my privilege to show you how.

My yoga classes are a peaceful time-out from your busy life. A time to breathe, a work in and a workout. Creative, safe, alignment-based vinyasa flow with a musical journey. This smooth flow deepens breathing, links breath to movement, increases strength and endurance and tests both balance and flexibility. Classes begin with gentle pranayama breathing techniques encouraging mindfulness and end with therapeutic stretching and blissful rest. All levels welcome. Modifications and props provided for those less experienced or wishing a gentler class. If you are brand new to yoga, an individual private lesson is recommended first (but not required).

Public Classes at Dance Stop Studios and Oya Yoga Studio

No advance notice necessary. Email me to try your first class for free.

Happy Yogis

Kathy has great energy. She is passionate and shares what she knows. She is grounded in knowledge, authenticity and being of service. Kathy helps me grow younger.


Longtime yogi

Kathy is a sheer delight to work with. Easy to communicate with, flexible with scheduling. Employees loved her cheerful, approachable, supportive attitude. Everyone said she was easy to understand and follow and they felt safe and comfortable. Kathy is hands down the teacher to hire. Her kind smile and sweet spirit puts everyone at ease. She is easy to follow and can teach to many different levels of experience at the same time. Kathy creates a safe and calm (yet upbeat) environment for people to relax and let their stress melt away. Everyone felt light and happy to return to work.


Corporate client

I was a little concerned since I was new to yoga that I may not be able to do it all. Kathy provides a class which has something for everyone. She encourages you to do more if able and shows you how to adjust if your body isn't able to do something. I like the concentration on (and reminders to) breathing and listening to Kathy's words, which are always relaxing and positive. Kathy is a true ambassador for the body, spirit, mind connection and overall wellness and helps you achieve that. The nuggets of information she shares can be transformative.


New yoga student

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